Sessions can occur on any day of the week dependent upon engineer availability.  Matt Williams performs with several groups and artists, therefore, sessions and appointments must be scheduled in advance. 


Be sure to note the discounts available for * "in-house" productions.  These rates apply to projects where each step of the process (recording, mixing, and mastering) are completed in The Eagle Room.

RECORDING & EDITING: *$50 per hour 

Standard Tracking Rate: $50 per hour

* Special "in-house" bulk tracking day rate: $450 per day


Live tracking, overdubbing and editing with engineer included.

10am-8pm with 1-2 short breaks (20-30 minutes each).

Available ONLY when booked at least 3 weeks in advance and only if the recording sessions are in conjunction with the tracking/editing of a larger work (like a full album) which is to remain an "in-house" production.  This rate applies exclusively to consecutive "bulk tracking" days where the basic setup does not change leading to more consistent sounds and saving valuable time.  In some cases, an assistant engineer will take an evening shift (6pm-8pm) to continue tracking on this specialized rate when Matt is unavailable to stay the whole session.  To see if your project qualifies for this discount, please contact Matt with your project details. 

ANALOG MIXING: **$200 per mixdown

Standard Mixing Rate: $200 per mix
** Discounted to $100 per mix for *in-house projects of 5 or more songs/mixes

Audio is mixed in analog through our Studer 928 console with outboard tube compression, and sonic "gluing" through mix buss compression.  
All individual signals and submixes are also equalized using the console's EQs for better fidelity and sonic separation of the instruments.  Signals are panned appropriately in the stereo image, enhanced and summed into the mix with the other signals as a stereo mixdown which is recorded back into the DAW through a high-end Apogee A/D converter.  Artists can accompany Matt during mixing and collaborate on the mixing approach as well as custom post-production effects.


**The $100 per mix price is designed for mixing full projects and helps us focus on getting the best mix while not watching the clock. Single mixes of just one song require the same amount of setup time as preparing to mixdown a full record, so the "Standard Mix Rate" ($200) includes compensation for this very important first step of the analog mixdown process where the signal paths are routed through the console and outboard components in a custom scenario which best suits the music.  

MASTERING: ***$100 per song/mix 

Standard Mastering Rate: $100 per song/mix

*** Discounted to $50 per song for *in-house projects of 5 or more songs/mixes

+ Vinyl Mastering ($15 additional fee per song/mix)


Track-by-track analog and digital mastering techniques are used to make your project sound like a record!  During this process, your music is tailored to sound great on almost any speaker system or media platform.  Your project gets the silky sonic sheen and slammin' loudness it needs to compete with the mainstream.

Mastering focuses on all of the following aspects and more:

- Overall dynamic level of each song and the album as a whole

- Relative top end and relative low end (Balance of bass and treble frequencies)

- Overall punch (Does it "hit hard"?... after mastering, it sure will!!!)

- Perceived loudness / RMS Levels (Projects typically average hot levels between -12 and -8 RMS)

- Overall clarity and fidelity

- General sonic coloration (Vintage vibe?  Modern tightness?  Both?  Let's get it just right!)


Each project is delivered in 24bit DVD Quality WAV (high-resolution for video use), 16bit CD Quality WAV (for duplication), 320kbps MP3 (for easy sharing and online use), and Digital Distribution formats (for streaming platforms) so the music can sound its best no matter where it ends up being played!

***Since extremely close attention to detail is paid from the start of this time-consuming process, it is a general courtesy to the mastering engineer for this effort not to exceed 3 mastering versions.  Also, the fee for a single song master is $100 as this process is similar to mixing a single song where setup and additional time is required.

+ Vinyl Masters:

There is a $15 fee per song/mix for the preparation and delivery of vinyl masters optimized for pressing to wax.  These are created from the unlimited audio recorded after the analog mastering chain and preparing these requires an additional mastering session to ensure that the dynamics are optimal.  

MUSIC PRODUCTION: Call for a Quote

Let's make decisions together and collaborate on your sound!  I'll come to rehearsals to tighten things up before we track, help with arrangements, compose parts, coach guest musicians to get the right stuff, help nail-down those vocal harmonies, assist with the album song order, and help shape your sound for the best presentation to your target audience.

Production rates are negotiated based on what work needs to be done in order to most effectively achieve your goals.  
Please call to discuss your project!   828-399-0424

Below is the most recent song I creatively produced.  In addition to writing and arranging several elements within the piece, I also contributed lead guitar, background vocals, midi programming and drum sequencing, percussion, and mixed and mastered the song in The Eagle Room.

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